The coalition government has backed down on certain principles to public opinion in the wake of its House of Lords defeat over the proposed Welfare Reform Bill.

It is expected that the government will give way to the public outcry that threatens re-election for Conservative and Lib Dem MPs alike as amendments to the bill will probably see a reduction in the waiting time for PIPs (Personal Independence Payments) which is expected to be cut in half from six months waiting back to three months waiting for disabled or seriously ill persons.

Last week saw the government suffer a humiliating triple defeat in the house of Lords over the proposed bill and peers are currently debating the bill further.

Lord Freud, who is the Welfare Reform Minister, has apparently backed the move for the qualifying time to remain at three months as well as backing down over a clause which would deny disabled persons from qualifying for a transport component if they are in a care home. But the government policy for  disabled persons in hospital having the mobility component suspended for their duration in hospital remains intact.

Peers actions last week have reflected public concerns over the proposed Welfare Reform Bill which many see as placing the burden of austerity on the most vulnerable in society instead of at the feet of those responsible for the economic crisis that has resulted in an emerging public sector funding drought.

Whilst our politicians fail to act against the endemic greed within the banking industry people are beginning to question the government's stance with regards to the much quoted 'crony capitalism' and whether lip-service politics is a medium where politicians with vested interests in the banking industry will ever tackle the root of the problem in the current economic construct that has thus far placed disproportionate wealth in the hands of bankers paid for by the rest of society.

"But their greed knew no bounds; they stuffed their mouths with more and more. Finally, God was fed up, his anger erupted – he cut down their brightest and best"

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