The Government have made U-Turn decision to cut £20million from the Territorial army budget after coming under heavy fire themselves from Military personnel and MPs from across the house of commons.

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth was summoned to No 10 after calls from Ex and serving TA personnel expressed their grievances on the proposed cuts  to the Territorial Army, which would endanger the lives of serving TA soldiers in Afghanistan.

There are already 550 Territorial Army soldiers serving on the front line in Afghanistan and the idea of sending more out to fight or serve as medics, which the bulk of them are, is nothing short of sending them to an early grave.

Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell had already conceded that £2.5 million of the budget would be pulled back to fund keeping TA Drill Halls open at night for one way a week.

Such proposals only go to further demoralise the armed forces who already feel let down by this government after a stream of scandals over inadequate equipment and back up. Both those on the front line and at home who are TA soldiers are left feeling dejected by the contempt shown by a government that will target a vital part of the Army's structure which has already had its budget cut by £23million.

In the face of constant danger on the battlefront and the insult that £20million can be cut from £175bn has been spent propping up the banking industry, how long is it until neglected veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who have witnessed the horrors of war,  march themselves onto the gates of Westminster and Downing Street?

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