TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will today (Monday) warn that the government that it risks paying a high political price if it fails to tackle insecurity at work.

Frances, who will address a special TUC and Trust for London conference on precarious work, will say:

Nobody can predict what the political future holds. Certainly not after the last year. But if this government fails to address the growing public disquiet about injustice at work, it risks paying a high political price.

“Whether it’s the digital insecurity of Uber or the analogue exploitation of Sports Direct, the tidal wave of precarious work is having a devastating impact on working people.

“Voters are fed up with a rigged economy that fails too many and enriches only a few. They need decent jobs they can live on.”

Westminster (LGT)

On Monday Frances will launch the Great Jobs Agenda. This will be a huge campaign to get people to rate their jobs – and join together to make them better.

It will involve workers scoring their employers on whether they:

  • Pay everyone at least the voluntary living wage
  • Employ people on zero-hours contracts
  • Pay women fairly
  • Help workers get on in life
  • Make sure workplaces are safe
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Support disabled people and parents in the workplace.

Frances will say:

"Our Great Jobs Agenda will lift the cloak of secrecy that too many employers are hiding behind.

“We want all workers – from zero-hours temps to permanent employees – to rank how their workplace performs. Great jobs for everyone, in every part of the UK, must become as much a shared national objective as growth or productivity.

“In the Queen’s Speech the government promised to improve and enhance rights at work. Britain’s workers are desperate for change and control at work. Now’s the time for action.”

Frances will conclude her speech by calling for a new Great Jobs Act:

With legal protections at work weaker here than in many other EU countries, we need a much stronger basic set of protections – and that means we need a Great Jobs Act.

“Let’s ensure that all workers, regardless of their employment status, have decent rights at work. Self-employment should be the worker’s choice not the employer’s.

“Let’s ban zero-hours contracts and replace them with the right to guaranteed hours.

“And let’s bring back overtime pay. If employers force people to change their hours – or cancel their shifts at the last minute – those workers should get extra. If people are expected to go the extra mile, they should be paid the extra pay.

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