Michael Caine, the king of British cool shows all young up and coming actors a thing or two about the art of onscreen performance in Daniel Barber's film 'Harry Brown'.

Harry Brown is a film set on a rough council estate in South London where feral teens rule the streets and decent folk are scared to leave their homes in case they get attacked or their home broken into.

The film is a good reflection of today's British inner city life where these feral scum are untouchable by the police thanks to the laws which tie their hands due to our "Progressive" approach to crime.

So when the law fails you what do you do? Well this film shows what most of us would love to do if we had the guts to do it.

Harry Brown, played by Michael Caine, is a newly bereaved pensioner who is pushed too far by the street thugs in their late teens and early twenties after they murder his best friend.

Harry has nothing to lose because he has lost all that is near and dear to him.

He may look like an old man but he was a marine who saw service for his country many years ago and now wants justice for the murder of his best friend Leonard played by the great British actor David Bradley.

It hits you straight in the guts when you watch the police who are impotent in their ability to tackle crime thanks to the nanny state which protects the criminals  whilst the victims suffer.

Now I know this is a work of fiction but it does mirror today's inner city life and the struggle that decent law abiding citizens face when they walk down the street just getting on with their own day to day business.

It is only a matter of time before a few Harry Browns raise their heads in society and say this is enough.

If you have not seen the film then I can tell you that Harry Brown is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at all reputable outlets and, if you feel the need to become a vigilante after watching the film, then you will find that  guns are still available at some not so reputable outlets.

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