Last year we ran a couple of stories on the sickening plight of two dolphins, Tom and Misha, who were imprisoned in a tiny, shallow and filthy swimming pool in Hisaronu, Turkey.

After a massive campaign by the Dolphin Angels as well as publicity and support from Donal MacIntyre and Helen Worth Tom and Misha were rescued by Born Free nearly a year ago.

The dolphins were taken to a secret location and released into an enclosed area to prepare them for eventual release.

But the two were in such a poor state of health that it has taken much time and nurturing to get them anywhere near a state that would allow them to survive in the wild.

Born Free reports that Tom and Misha are now on a varied fish diet and that the aim is to bulk than up to 10% larger than the average dolphin so as to give them the best start when they re-enter their natural environment. They have also had live fish introduced into their pen in order for them to relearn the arts of catching their own food.

When they are ready they will then be released into the wild.

And good luck to them, they deserve it after all they have been through!

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Picture: By Zest-pk (leaping_dolphins) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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