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Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 19th July

Boris Johnson may have made what some are calling a 'magnificent' resignation personal statement in the House yesterday afternoon, but he fell short of directly calling for May to go. In fact he basically said that she should stay, but just turn the ship's rudder towards the true Lancaster House Brexit channel.

And this may be why reports are coming out that Theresa May can breathe a bit more easily as one letter of no confidence in her is withdrawn.

The PM is also embarking on a UK wide tour to try and convince sceptical members of her party to back her Chequers based Brexit proposals, says The Times.

The PM has also said that her ministers will start issuing loads of advice on how to handle a no-deal Brexit. This is being seen as a move to placate the Brexiteers but does signify a big change in direction by the government. And it seems she has left her own party in no doubt as to the stakes:

She will have to be very careful though because her plans have caused the resurgence of the once-thought-dead UKIP. The political commentator Guido Fawkes says that the undead UKIP terrifies the Tories as, although they may win no seats, they could deprive Tories seats in more marginal constituencies.

The UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, appeared on Newsnight last night. The BBC wanted to talk to r Batten about Tommy Robinson, but the UKIP leader ensured that he got some Brexit content in there too. Considering the importance of both subjects and where the country is regarding Brexit, I personally beloieve he was short-changed on time and cut off too soon when the conversation turned to exiting the EU. Gerard however is more comfortable with the way things went:

And here is Gerard Batten's plan for leaving the EU.

And Suzanne Evans is preparing for her turn in the studio:

Here the FT shows how Momentum could move the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, towards another Brexit referendum or a softer Brexit(video):

But writing in the Daily Mail the former Labour MP for Grimsby, Austin Mitchell, says that if there were a second referendum the Remainers may be in for a shock.

Former Vote Leave chief tells ITV's Robert Peston why he is 'bemused' at the findings of the Electoral Commission against the campaign group (video):

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