Madwomen makes game-changing TV spot that raises the bar for political advertising.

Hard work and belief in the need for an agency that really does ‘get’ women has paid off with their first major brief from the Green Party. Keen to attract the crucial female vote without alienating men, the Greens approached Madwomen to provide strategy and creative for their party election broadcast.

Madwomen’s planning director, Kate Frearson commented that, “With a female leader and MP, Natalie Bennet and Caroline Lucas respectively, and policies that aim to create a more caring society, the Greens really do offer an alternative to the masculinised, dog-eat-dog style of politics that we’re all used to.”

The brief from the Greens was to come up with a script for the party election broadcast that would clearly express the Green Party’s values yet also dispel the myth that they’re a ‘single issue party’. The core message is that beyond caring for the environment, which they’re already known for, the party also cares about people. With progressive, practical policies on a range of issues including welfare, employment and banking reform the party offers a real alternative vision for Britain that’s also realistic.

Creative Director, Gail Parminter said, “It was not an easy brief ­– not only did we need to put the Green Party’s heritage at the heart of anything we did, we also needed to show how a vote for the Greens is a viable option and not just a protest.

She went on to point out that, “In today’s political climate it would have been easy to give the other parties a good slagging off – but we don’t really need to – that would have been a typical masculine approach. Instead we’ve come up with something hard-hitting yet also optimistic.”

The 2 minute 40-second film features ‘living graffiti’ by artist Anna Garforth and juxtaposes the beautiful natural artworks with crumbling inner-city settings that represent the neglect and under investment Britain is suffering under the current government.

Written by Gail Parminter and art directed by Chris Sainsbury, the film was shot by Marc Silver, produced by Danielle Ward and edited by James Smith–Russe through Annex Films, who also provided post-production. The music track was specially composed by Yellow Boat music and the sound mix was by Jason Courtney at USP Content. Agency producer Maggie Campbell pulled out all the stops to get the film made with an extremely tight budget. It will get its first airing on the BBC on 24th April.

The Green Party’s External Communications Director, Penny Kemp says the party are delighted with film and believe it’s managed to “capture the essence of the Green Party with imagery that reflects their heritage, yet moves the party into the mainstream by giving it a voice on policies like the economy, housing and welfare that will make a real difference to the country.” Kemp added that “Madwomen gave us a unique blend of strategic and creative experience together with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to communicate in a way that connects with the voting public without putting women off – as so many party broadcasts do.”

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