Following the recent rise in membership of the Green Party [1], Caroline Lucas, the only Green MP in the UK has launched a campaign on [2] to raise funds for her General Election campaign.

Caroline Lucas’s project is one of many from the Green Party being run via an innovative campaign hosted on the Crowdfunder platform with over £30,000 already pledged for candidates running for Parliament next year.

Phil Geraghty, MD of Crowdfunder, commented: “It’s fantastic that Caroline Lucas is using Crowdfunder to gain funding for her election campaign.

"We think that crowdfunding is perfect for MP’s as it’s using the power of the crowd to fund democratic change.

There are currently 22 Green Party candidates crowdfunding the fees they need to stand as MP’s in the General Election, and a total of £30,0178 raised by supporters of the party pledging to support potential MP’s across the UK.

CarolineLucasPreviously successful [3] campaigns have seen the Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett raise over £6,500 from 342 backers, a Green MP for Somerton & Frome raise over £3,000 and Trafford Green Party raise over £1,500 in order to raise £500 for three candidate deposits in their constituency.

Tom Beckett, Fundraising and Operations Director, said: “The Green surge in membership and polling demonstrates that more and more people are interested in Green values and policies and are prepared to vote Green at the 2015 General Election.

“Working with Crowdfunder allows the Green Party, which, unlike other parties, does not receive large corporate donations, to raise the money necessary to stand more candidates than ever before and potentially boost our representation in Parliament next year.”

View all the Green Party Crowdfunder projects, including Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett, here:




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