The Green Party has called for a ban on grouse hunting as shooting season opens [1] and an end to government subsidies for grouse shooting estates [2].

The UK government spends millions of pounds subsidising the grouse shooting industry, which is harmful to the environment and other wildlife [3].

Grouse shooting season officially opens on August 12 across the UK.

Amelia Womack, Green Party deputy leader, said:

Killing for fun has no place in a decent society. But grouse shooting is even worse, because it also has a detrimental impact on the environment and other animals. We should ban grouse shooting immediately. Or at the very least, the government should end subsidies for moor estates. Throwing money at a cruel activity that is almost solely a pursuit of the rich is outdated, wasteful and disgraceful.

Grouse (PD)

Not only is it bad for wildlife, but it’s bad for human society too. The Green Party has long warned that grouse shooting threatens other wildlife and over-managed grouse shooting estates contribute to flooding [4] as well as being a cruel sport which damages the environment.  We simply cannot continue to let such large areas of land be destroyed for the brief enjoyment of a very small group of elites.

“We can end the injustice of grouse shooting. Michael Gove has promised a green Brexit, where farmers will only get payouts if they agree to protect the environment and enhance rural life [5]. Grouse shooting estates tick neither of these boxes and we’re calling on Gove to recognise this. When he reshapes subsidies for agriculture during the Brexit negotiations, the payouts for grouse shooting estates must be cut. It’s cruel, it’s unfair and it’s ecologically disastrous. Grouse shooting must end.






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