This article is going to be my most under researched to date with no background or experts to back up anything I say, but there is an obvious flaw to the idea that this leak cannot be contained.

There is a hole under the sea with what some researchers believe to be 100,000 barrels of oil being lost a day.

Now then is someone trying to tell us that that mankind cannot come up with a quick and easy solution to this problem which is destroying the ocean wildlife?

It's days like this you sit back in your comfy arm chair and work out how difficult it would be to enclose a fixed funnel over a jet of oil factoring in the pressures being exerted from the leak and you say to yourself  my goodness if the great 'THEY' who can unravel the mysteries of the universe and do all manner of scientific wonders can't fix a dodgy pipe then this world must turn to the humble plumber for guidance.

Maybe he can sort out the problems with regards to the economy and drain off our debt!

Sorry to sound vague in this vague article but the might of the international community,United States and BP can't fix a hole so what hope do we have?

If it is the case that this is a hole that cannot be plugged or the oil cannot be syphoned from then really are not quite as clever as we thought.

Best we leave genetic modification alone or is it the case that we can create life in a test tube, send a man to the moon but when it comes to broken pipes we need a miracle?

Ah but this is no ordinary pipe we are told.


I offer no solutions but I also doubt the excuses on offer.

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