A youth project which aims to eradicate the perception that young individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds will achieve less in life aims to find a digital solution with a 30-hour digital marathon.

Funded by social investor Nominet Trust and led by not-for-profit charity Keyfund, the Ambition Lab project is entering the third and final stage with a hackathon on Friday 29 November.

This digital marathon is the first of its kind and will connect people across the country to spark innovative developments using pioneering technology to come up with a digital solution to the problems recognised in the project's previous stages.

The project so far has undertaken research and interviews with young individuals and youth practitioners to question why this socially restrictive misconception exists.

The charity's findings were then compiled into a thought-provoking documentary, which challenges the social restrictions in place and motivates the audience to change their glass-ceiling views.

The hackathon will join 150 contributors across the virtual Cisco-led NVI (National Virtual Incubator) networks and welcomes further help from those wishing to apply their skills to this ground breaking project.

Those wanting to get involved in the hackathon can do so by visiting NVI centres in Shoreditch, Swansea, Manchester, Coventry, Strathclyde and Sunderland which connect incubation centres, research facilities, science parks and academic institutes throughout the UK.

Hannah Underwood, CEO of Keyfund said: "Ambition Lab is exploring what ingredients are needed for young people to achieve their ambitions and solve their own challenges.

"This type of hackathon has never been done before and brings a whole new level to finding a solution to support and help young people across the country."

The event will see programme developers; software engineers, marketing strategists and many more professionals culminate their specific skills to produce ambitious and pioneering developments, turning dreams into realities.

Nominet Trust CEO, Annika Small said: "Young people's aspirations aren't linked to socio-economic status but to the opportunities that they can, and choose to, access.

"Nominet Trust is thrilled to support Keyfund as they raise awareness of this issue while creating greater opportunities for young people to realise their aspirations and ambitions."

To find out how you can get involved, please contact Fungying Koshy at Keyfund on theteam@ambitionlab.co.uk to register your interest.

To find out more visit Ambition Lab's blog: www.ambitionlab.co.uk/blog/watch-the-ambition-lab-film

Ambition Lab

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