Despite the recent resounding ‘no to an EU referendum’ vote in the Commons, it is now claimed that about 50 per cent of Tory MPs want Britain out of the EU.

The Express reports that more than 150 of them want us out of the European Union, although only half that number actually voted for it when given the chance.

The rebel Tory MP Mark Reckless claims that as many as half of the 306 Conservative MPs favoured a total withdrawal from the EU says the Express.

Now that the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, has given the Greek people a referendum on whether they accept the €100 billion bail-out or not (if he survives long enough that is), then calls from the UK electorate to get their referendum could well get louder. This of course is not what any of the three main parties want, as they think they know what is better for us all.

sadly, if any combination of Labour, Conservative or LibDem get into power the chance of a referendum is zilch.

Any call for a vote will be met with ‘We had one in 2011 and it was soundly defeated, we can’t waste any more time on it’.

Those that voted ‘yes’ with their consciences to a referendum last week will be saddened. Those that voted ‘no’ with their consciences will be glad. Those that voted ‘no’ against their real feelings for whatever reason will suddenly realise that this was the one shot they had and they blew it.

But as ever the British electorate will be shafted. Because the only reason to prevent the people their say is if you know the answer will not go the way the government wants it to go. If they thought a referendum vote would result in staying in the EU they’d have it tomorrow. And then, as is the way of the EU, make it stick for eternity.

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