Yesterday Police and Ravers clashed at a disused Royal Mail depot in High Holborn (Ironic name) where an 18 hour party was held echoing the raves of the late 80s and early 90s.

The suspected illegal rave had what is rumoured to be anywhere between 500 and 700 party goers  who were by all accounts having a jolly good time dancing, drinking and probably taking drugs.

There were 10 arenas and 30 separate sound systems with 200 DJs. There were many reports from revellers that it was all in good spirits and very safe but it looks like the spill over from the party was not so dignified with graffiti being sprayed and smashing shop and car windows.

8 people were arrested and one policeman was injured requiring hospital treatment.

This reminds me very much of the raves that myself and most of my generation (Late 30s) used to attend and it was a similar economic environment in which the rave culture developed.

My two eldest children are now of the age where they are beginning to discover partying and drink and probably drug experimentation just like the previous generations did before them but this time the condemnation by the elder generation is more hypocritical because the exploits of our younger days are well documented.

It's a bit strange sitting down with your teenage children telling them not to take drugs and drink too much when they have grown up knowing half of your friends still take drugs and drink like fish.

There is no doubt that drugs are dangerous but if you try to curtail the sowing of one's wild oats the desire to sow becomes greater but the worry for any parent remains.

There are two questions that many of my age will walk away with after the news of this latest rave.

1. If you could regress 15 years in age would you go to a rave and take illegal substances? I probably would.

2. What would you do if there was a knock on the door with a policeman standing there about to give you some very bad news regarding your child who had attended the party? too painful a thought.

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