Has the Mysterious Girl (that's the only noteworthy accomplishment I can find) singer found love at last with Spanish beauty Elen Rivas or is it a big con?

Well judging by the photos strewn across the tabloids it looks like all is well with things in the Elpeter (always wanted to make up one of those tacky Brangelina type names) camp.

Both Peter Andre and Elen Rivas (Elpeter…I love it) were all smiles as they paraded and flaunted their most genuine looking love to the cameras and celebrated Elen's 36th birthday and went to the luxury spa Blah Blah Blah Blah….Peter looked like the cat who had found an infinite supply of cream and his grin was worryingly errrmmm happy looking, if not a little over exaggerated.

And Pete is not short in coming forward with regards to his feelings for Elen when he says "The right one comes along if you're patient".

However Elen in return is a little too quick to dampen rumours regarding their future for my liking when she said "How funny, Mr A and I just been told that online it says we gonna marry n moving in together..It's flattering to c how people have the time to write things about us.. It'll be nicer to read the truth though 🙂 lol xxxx"

Doesn't sound like she is that into him does it? Or is she just trying to focus on Prancing on Ice?

The man and the woman both deserve a little happiness and I hope it's the real thing for their sakes. But then again their lives are only important to thick people so it doesn't really matter that much anyway.

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