Brexit Update for Tuesday 26th June 2018

Updated. Bloomberg is running with a story about hedge funds and others making huge amounts of money money by shorting sterling on the day of the EU Referendum on 23rd June 2016.

But it is the actions of pollsters and those that may have been privy to data the public were not allowed to see that has come under the spotlight. And because of comments by Nigel Farage on the night that Remain had edged it sending the pound higher, some are pointing the accusatory finger at him – a charge he has denied. But maybe Farage was just an innocent stooge being fed the info, who knows.

The Electoral Commission wants wholesale change in the law and sweeping new powers to combat online campaign fraud.

Nick Ferrari hosted Jacob Rees-Mogg for a phone-in question and answer session (see video below).

BMW says it will close UK production sites if customs delays cause too many problems.

But this has now been denied (Tuesday 26th June 201).

According to Andrew Hammond in the Business Times, the EU is on the back foot again for what he calls reasons of Brexit and beyond.

In reference to England’s recent world cup success, the European Council president, Donald Tusk, said yesterday that ‘Brexit is more difficult than Panama’.

Gerard Batten, the UKIP leader, explains that despite a pro-Brexit March being held outside the BBC, Sky and ITV no-one from these organisations seemed to want to film it or interview them.

While Theresa May responds by saying that the UK’s Brexit demands will not be ready for this week’s crucial EU summit.

Politico reports that the EU Commission has warned that all EU states should ready their airports by expanding and hiring more customs officials in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

Owen Jones says that another referendum on the EU would be a viciously poisonous campaign.

Greg Clarke, the UK Business Secretary said in the House of Commons yesterday that companies like Airbus that were calling for action on a Brexit deal should be listened to. "I do take seriously the representations that all businesses make.” He said.

Dalibor Rohac in CapX, says that the problems of the European Union cannot be solved by never ending expansion.

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