The word quality can be vastly overworked when it is used in an advertising context or as a description for the excellence or superiority of your product and service.

That is unless you are actually committed to achieving quality throughout your manufacturing and customer service processes, rather than simply using the word to try and gain the customer’s confidence.

The infographic below by takes a look at how adopting a serious approach to achieving and maintaining a high level of quality throughout everything you do within your business, will not only help your manufacturing business to grow but also add some nice numbers to the bottom line.

It is all very well saying you are committed to quality but in order to be taken seriously in the outside world you have to be able to demonstrate that you meet or exceed a required standard, which is where the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) comes in.

ISO is recognized in over 160 different countries and many potential customers from around the globe will see having an ISO certification as evidence that you are a high quality and reliable manufacturer who would be good to do business with.
As the expression goes, you not only have to talk the talk but also walk the walk, meaning that with the backup of an ISO certificate, you are not just simply saying to a potential customer that you can offer them a quality product and service, you are confirming that an independent body has agreed with your own assessment of your capabilities.

Pledging your desire to achieve quality in everything you do inside your business will almost certainly give you the opportunity to improve your manufacturing process and make a difference to the bottom line as a result of satisfied customers and repeat orders.


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