UPDATED. Henry Bolton, one of the challengers to take on the mantle of UKIP leadership, has challenged the decision by the party's National Executive Committee to allow one of the other candidates, Anne-Marie Waters, to stand in the party's leadership election.

Henry Bolton (LGT)

Henry Bolton By L Taylor

Henry Bolton said:

"I believe the National Executive Committee's decision to allow Anne-Marie Waters to stand in the party's leadership election is in violation of the party's Rules of Procedure. As such, the Committee's decision is also a violation of the party's contract with myself and the other candidates, all of whom have paid a £5,000 deposit and a further £500 non-returnable administration fee in order to stand under said rules.

"I have initiated this challenge in an attempt to preserve the governance and future of our party. There is little point in having Rules of Procedure if they are not applied and it is clear that the party's new leader, once elected, must take rapid steps to ensure our party's integrity is not compromised in such a manner again."

Anne-Marie Waters (LGT)

Anne-Marie Waters By L Taylor

Henry Bolton was a relative late-comer to the race for UKIP leadership, but he has moved steadily up the betting odds ranking to now stand at 8/1 (Ladbrokes) in third place behind Anne-Marie Waters in second place with odds of 9/4 and Peter Whittle who currently leads the pack on evens.

Other odds have David Kurten fourth (10/1), John Rees-Evans fifth (10/1), in sixth is Ben Walker (50/1), David Coburn in seventh (50/1), Aidan Powlesland in eighth (100/1), Jane Collins in ninth (100/1) and Marion Mason in tenth place (100/1).

UPDATE: Henry Bolton has subsequently dropped his challenge.

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