Hertz is renowned as one of the global leaders in mobility and equipment solutions. The NeverLost in-car GPS system is an award winning product developed by Navigation Solutions, a Hertz (www.hertz.com/) company.

Navigation Solutions [1] and Magellen, another leading name in innovative GPS devices, have announced that Magellen will be the exclusive manufacturer of the GPS system for Hertz, which will be included into Hertz vehicles in 2014. The system will use the Magellan SmartGPS Eco installed with the Neverlost software.

This next generation of connected services from Hertz will include a range of new features such as a high resolution TFT and Bluetooth as well as many other new features.

The president of Navigation Solutions, Roger Stevens commented:

Hertz by Dwight Burdette

Hertz by Dwight Burdette

"As a long-time partner and a pioneer in the automotive navigation industry, Magellen was a logical choice for the Hertz NeverLost 6 platform." He went on to ad: "Rental customers want useful navigation content and popular travel services. Magellan's SmartGPS Eco offers the right combination of relevant content and integration capabilities with the NeverLost 6 platform."

Magellen is a wholly owned subsidiary of MiTAC Digital Corporation and is one of the leaders in the development of cloud based technologies to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses.

Peggy Fong, president of MiTAC said:

"Navigation Solutions is the GPS innovation leader in the rental car industry. Magellen is delighted to continue our long standing partnership with Navigation Solutions for the Hertz NeverLost program." She added, "We are proud to have Hertz NeverLost as a customer for the launch of our SmartGPS Eco services. The SmartGPS Eco aggregates unlimited content, at the right place, at the right time."

The Magellen SmartGPS Eco is great news for drivers in saving time and money. It provides safer navigation with up to the minute information on location and social content, just what you need if hiring a car and travelling in unfamiliar places.

[1] www.navigationsolutions.com/

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