It was whilst demolishing a wall during the refurbishment of the former Bill’s Casino building, South Lake Tahoe that the construction team came face to face with a forgotten large four foot tall black safe.

According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune the safe was found on the second floor, underneath a staircase and completely sealed off behind Sheetrock (brand name of a type of drywall). Attempts to move the safe have so far failed and there are plans to open it over the next few days.

No-one knew the safe was there and many businesses have leased the building in the past prior to the last one the CVS pharmacy.

These have included Dotty’s Casino, a restaurant and a bar as well as Richard Chartrand’s ‘Barney’s Casino’, which operated there from 1960-1987 in the area of the building where the safe was found. Harrah’s have run Bill’s Lake Tahoe Casino from there from 1987 until January 2010.

The building has since been owned by South Shore attorney Mike Laub, who said of the discovery of the safe “The fact that it was sealed off like that was so bizarre.

Barney’s owner Richard Chartrand was killed by a car bomb whilst reversing out of his Zephyr Cove home driveway on 27th August 1968 so this could be a link back to that unsolved murder with all the attendant gangland conspiracies.

But, as the Tribune points out, although the safe presently holds nothing but possibilities, it could just end up holding, well just nothing.

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