According to Dr Williams higher taxes would be very good for our society. He claims that higher taxes should not be viewed as stifling the recovery but as the best way of redistributing wealth and improving the world. He wants taxes to be charged on financial transactions and carbon emissions whilst decrying the rise of reality TV and self-interest.

Sorry Arch-Bish but I totally and wholeheartedly disagree with you (on most points).

Your way leads to increased government control and communitarianism, which in my view can do nothing but harm to society. Christianity is surely about true giving, not being forced by a taxation system to give. Taxation in respect of this is the route of envy, enforced charity and ultimately severe discontent and jealousy.

In a truly Christian society, which I think you may aspire to, people would feel strongly obliged by common humanity and concern to make sure their fellow citizens are well looked after in their hours of need.

What you are actually saying is that the freedom of the individual to act in such an altruistic manner must be taken over and controlled by the state. Once this has become common practice, charity in its purest form withers and dies. So too does Christianity.

You, Dr Williams, do not preach true Christian values, you pontificate and direct that the state fill the gap that your shallow thinking and half-hearted acts can never fill.

Instead of asking the state, via tax law enforcement, to fill your void, you should be raising the bar for Christians to go out and push the message of true charity. Maybe you would be better served by getting some of the more self-satisfied ‘stars’ to actually give their own money instead of profiteering from disaster and hand wringing on TV. Or maybe you should be flinging open the doors of the cathedrals and churches to the homeless and providing them with the shelter, warmth and succour they so desperately need.

Dr Williams, as this present government have discovered, spending other peoples’ money is desirable and easy but ultimately unrewarding. The only thing here I agree with you is that reality TV is not something that society should be proud of.

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