It was like no other charity concert I have ever seen. There was no audience in the studio and no applause at the end of the each song yet nothing was lacking from this momentous broadcast.

The emotion was electric and the proceedings bore a sense of reality with an intimacy between the performer/speaker and the audience. This was partly due to the respectful low key presentation of the event.

But what do you expect coming from George Clooney? the man oozes class and is very aware of what works on the screen and the £35 million pounds raised thus far is testimony to the great work and vision of Mr Clooney.

The success is not only to be measured in terms of money raised but in presentation and format again big slap on the back for George.

All artists performed with reverence and from the depths of their souls.

Justin Timberlake gave a mesmerising rendition of Leonard Cohen's much covered Hallelujah, Sting was on fine form with a very enthusiastic lead guitarist who knew how to lift the energy of a song with his energetic soloing which provoked an equally energetic rhythm guitar response by sting.

Beyonce teamed up with Chris Martin for a minimalist version of Halo but Chris's band Coldplay were a tight and wonderful unit with their own brand of magic with their contribution to the evenings fundraising.

Stevie Wonder was his usual brilliant self but Haiti's own son Wyclef Jean stole the show breaking into a glorious Haitian stomp at the end of his set.

But the night was not about the music, it was about helping the needy and videos showing the true horror of what the Haitian nation has been through tugged hard at the heart strings.

But there were stories of hope and how life continues and grows even through the toughest of circumstances. The Haitian nation is there holding their hands up in praise to God even after the disaster that has befallen them, which leaves me with sheer admiration for the people of Haiti.

Back to George Clooney.

He is a man who stood up to be counted and gave greatly of himself to ensure that others can live and hopefully rebuild their lives so I have nothing but respect for the man and his fellow stars who also gave of their time and their wealth with large personal contributions coming from the wealthy celebs manning the phones.

It was quite surreal to see 100 recognisable faces in one place chatting away to those who were pledging money. The broadcast was a unified stand by the world of entertainment to show the Haitian people there is a world out there watching but we need to be doing more than just watching.

£35 million needs to become £350 million to make a real dent in the fight back from catastrophe so we must not grow sick of trying to help our fellow man and do all we can night and day until they reach self sufficiency in their infrastructure and economy.

The Haitian people are a proud, magical and loving nation and just need that helping hand to so they can rebuild Haiti themselves, but without our help that future can never be realised.

What I want to know is why there wasn't blanket coverage on all  television channels of the concert considering it was a global telethon? And why weren't the papers pushing the concert like they did when Princess Diana died?

The nation was in mourning for Diana and the press was there accordingly, this time we have a nation to mourn and the press response has been inadequate in its commitment to restrict the unimportant irrelevance that continues to dominate the pages of their respective rags.

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