The world of celebrity has come together to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake for a global telethon of music and entertainment featuring the World's biggest names.

George Clooney is the man who kick started the Hope for Haiti concert with his pledge of $1 million and managed to persuade his showbiz buddies to do the same and I would like to say jolly well done George on a fantastic effort!

Mr Clooney has always shown that he is a man driven by his moral compass who actually has compassion for his fellow man and not a shallow celebrity like many who are only in the public eye for the advancement of their own careers and could not care less about the less fortunate.

The reason I bring this point up is to silence the critics of this concert who see it as a vehicle of self promotion. Now is not the time to question motives, now IS the time to dig deep into our pockets and give what we don't have to those who have less.

The two hour extravaganza will include artists such as Madonna, Sting and Stevie Wonder and these same people always step up to the mark when there is need and should be an inspiration to us all.

This is a time when we are all looking inwards and caught up in the turbulence of our own immediate financial situation, but there are those who are not fairing so well as us and we are the privileged in comparison.

Even though many of us risk losing our jobs and homes at least we have the social and financial infrastructure to rebuild our lives, in Haiti they don't have that luxury.

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