Labour have again made clear that they want to bring back old style rent controls say the Conservatives.

Labour members of the Welsh Select Committee, led by one of Ed Miliband’s Shadow Ministers, have voted for ‘direct rent controls’ in Wales.

This follows Labour’s then Shadow Housing Minister, Jack Dromey, who said in July that Labour would bring back rent controls ‘without hesitation’.

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins commented:

Rent controls are nothing more than a rent con. They lead to fewer homes to rent, less choice for tenants and poorer quality housing. Controls would also discourage private investment in housing leading to fewer homes being built.

This will hit living standards for hardworking people. It’s no wonder Labour are proposing this given that they were the party that doubled Council Tax. It’s the same old Labour Party.

iStock_000012222101XSmallGuto Bebb MP commented:

Not content with undermining the housing market and house building in Wales, Labour now want to make it more difficult for hardworking people to rent a home. Thanks to Labour it costs up to £13,000 more to build a house in Wales than in England which explains why housebuilding is falling in Wales while in England it is rising.

Labour are playing politics with people’s futures. Instead of helping to deliver more homes to rent and ensure people have a roof over their head, they want to strangle landlords with controls and cause misery for hardworking people.’

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