In a summer dominated by a boy wizard, collective superheroes and an animated panda, it may come as a relief that there’s some sharp and very black adult humour on the way.

Latest comedy “Horrible Bosses” will arrive in July, courtesy of director Seth Gordon and writers Michael Markowitz, John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein.

An absurd plot sees aggrieved employees Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sundecks plan the ultimate revenge against their overbearing managers by hiring hit man and self titled murder consultant Jamie Fox to train them in the dark art of homicidal revenge.

The villainous trio of abusive bosses come in the form of Kevin Spacey’s shark like sales director (surely now carving out an alternative career for himself by playing steely and unlikeable pantomime villains), Jennifer Aniston’s sexually predatory dentist and Colin Farrell’s politically incorrect and brilliantly named Bobby Pellitt (complete with sleazy combover and beard).

Will all three friends find peace in their everyday lives by bumping off those who victimise them? Who knows, but although trailers can be misleading Horrible Bosses certainly seems to be heading in the right direction with a razor sharp wit which should see it follow in the recent tradition of the now customary alternative summer comedy (epitomised best by 2004’s double whammy of Anchorman and Dodgeball).

Let’s just hope it does not induce a copycat craze in real life, so please check out the trailer and do not try this at home (or in the workplace).

Horrible Bosses is released in the UK on 22nd July 2011.

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