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Horseman of the apocalypse pale rider in Egypt and Japan

Horseman of the apocalypse pale rider in Egypt and Japan
April 4th, 2011
Author: Richard Henley Davis

A ghostly pale green horse and rider apparition has been caught on camera during news coverage of the Egyptian uprising in Cairo but he is not alone there have been other sightings caught on film across Japan.

The Pale Rider from the book of Revelation or a smudge on the camera lens?

The Pale Rider from the book of Revelation or a smudge on the camera lens?

The internet is ablaze with chatter over whether or not this is the 'Pale Rider' mentioned in the book of revelations just days after 70 ancient metal books are found in a cave in Jordan, which are the earliest Christian documents ever found dating to just after the death of Jesus Christ.

It has been pointed out by some Biblical scholars that there are two things missing from the time-line if this is the 'Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse' and they are the coming of the Anti-Christ and a one World Government but scholars are also divided on this time-line.

Experts are examining the footage and at a quick glance at the apparition (which most certainly does look like rider on a fiery green horse) they all seem to think that it is the result of a smudge or reflection on the lens.

This does not deter some Christians who believe that a sign like this could be representation even if it is a trick of the light.

Then there are the apparitions caught on tape during recent footage of the Japanese earthquake where a shadowy horseman is caught on film.

Again experts are not convinced by this footage but no one has as yet debunked the film but that might just be a matter of time….then again it might not.

And finally there is the strange anomaly seen darting ahead of the tsunami waves which hit Japan.

Enough to fill the churches again methinks but that might not be a bad idea.

Make your own minds up as to the validity of these video clips. If this is just the wishful thinking of fantasists or the genuine article one thing is for certain and that is there are Biblical 'signs' of prophecy appearing all around us.

Do you think these are the end times foretold in the Bible? or are we looking at a series of coincidences that just happen to appear as Biblical prophecy?

Firstly here is the footage of the alleged Egyptian 'Pale Rider' at 1 min 18 secs.

Then the footage of the horseman in Japan at 27 secs.

And finally the mysterious anomaly seen riding ahead of the Tsunami which appears to be touching the ground as it moves across the screen from left to right.

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