The number of customer service interactions requiring human support, which stood at 60 percent in 2014, is expected to drop by half over the next two years as self-service alternatives grow more popular, Gartner reports. Videos will play an increasing support role, with 50 of the 500 largest global companies currently planning to introduce video chat support by 2018. Getting in on this trend early will help your company's customer service stand out from the competition.

Meeting Customer Demand for Self-Service

According to Forrester's Kate Leggett, 67 percent of consumers already use web self-service to find answers to their questions, and 90 percent seek solutions online before emailing or calling for help, Synthetix reports.

To meet this self-service demand, business performance consultant Barry Moltz suggests several ways companies use video. In pre-sale communications, demonstration videos can show prospects how a product works and how it can benefit them. Post-sale videos can answer common questions, such as how to install a product. Moltz also suggests using video for one-on-one support, including sending a thank-you recording.

Ways Companies are Using YouTube

shutterstock_223317595These strategies are already being used successfully by many companies, both large and small. High-tech thermostat supplier Nest, for example, uses YouTube product demonstration videos to educate prospects about how their product functions. State Farm uses its YouTube channel to answer frequently-asked questions, such as how to take preventative steps to avoid filing an insurance claim. Other companies are using YouTube to answer specific questions that require visual aids.

Integrating YouTube with Your Site's Support Center

One advantage of using YouTube for support is that you're not limited to the platform's native features. Upload a video to YouTube's site and then use an embedding code on your site so your visitors can view it there. This enables you to supplement the video with features beyond those you could deploy on YouTube alone. For instance, you can add text below a video for visitors who prefer to digest information in textual format or who might be having trouble playing videos. Similarly, you can add PDF manuals, links to other pages on your site, virtual chat support, and email and phone contact information.

To take full advantage of YouTube's customer support capability, the best practice is to use embedded videos on your site in conjunction with a full-featured cloud support center such as Aspect's Zipwire, which combines its own video interactive feature with a full range of support options, such as interactive voice response, mobile self-service, inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS texting, and chat. This strategy enables you to deliver omnichannel customer service in conjunction with YouTube support.

Tracking Your Video Support Performance

To optimize your customer service, it's always best to track your performance, and this applies equally to video support. One way to track YouTube support performance is by using YouTube Analytics. This tool lets you access information such as which of your support videos are getting the most traffic, how long people are watching them, and what kind of engagement they're generating. Combine this information with your call center stats to gain a broader picture of your customer service performance.

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