The UK national debt stands, according to some at about £1 trillion, with some people arguing that the number is nearer £4.8 trillion.

Having seen the work done by the viableopposition blog [1] to try and put the US debt in some perspective I thought I'd attempt the same thing with the UK debt figures.

For the sake of this exercise the thickness of a one dollar bill as assessed at 0.0043 inches (viableopposition's figure) and the thickness of the £5 note (as there is no longer a £1 note) us assessed from my research on the internet to be about 0.0018 inches (please let me know if I am wrong).

The US debt figures are taken from viableopposition and the UK's of £1 trillion from debtbombshell. The £4.8 trillion number was from previous reading on the 'net.

Please note that thus is with the notes stacked naturally on top of each other, not end to end !! So the UK national debt stacked in fivers reaches one tenth of the way to the moon!

You can then see how far in miles that our respective debts actually stretch. I'm not even going to convert £5 into $ equivalents.

Just so you can see the latest UK figures:

How scary do you find all that?


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