The role of Human Resources (HR) is growing and changing all the time, making for exciting opportunities who work with in it. As the UK economy shows signs of recovery and the business world continues to change with the advent of new technology and new ideas, the role of HR is becoming less administrative and more directly involved with helping a business to thrive in today's economy.

As businesses search for ways to stay afloat in the current economy, the remit of HR departments is shifting to support that. So just what is the role of HR in today's economy? Let's take a look at some of the ways in which HR is involved keeping a business economically viable.

Recruiting the right people

handshakes (PD)Finding the right team members is more important than ever, and HR has an important role to play in this. Gone are the days when HR's part stopped with keeping track of applications and sitting in on an interview. These days, HR departments need to take a much more hands-on approach when it comes to recruiting. Advertising a post should also include building a strong company presence around it, fully communicating company culture to help prospective applicants figure out if the business is a good fit for them.

Of course, HR can also assist in making sure the applicants are a good fit for the business too! This can take the form of being involved in the selection and interview process, and being pro-active in using their networks to seek out potentially great recruits.

Nurturing talent from within

The skills gap between current employees and a business' aims can be a challenge for businesses looking to stay strong economically. Recruitment can be a costly process; finding talent within a company can keep the cost down, and also foster better employee morale by showing a commitment to helping workers grow. HR can help with this by keeping track of employees' performance, productivity, training and appraisals, quickly spotting not only skills gaps but potential areas for development.

Working with staff to assess how effective their training and development is and how satisfied they are with means HR can help increase staff satisfaction, and therefore retention, and nurturing of the best talent in the company.

Building and communicating business strategy

HR departments these days are much more likely to take a hands-on role in developing business strategies than ever before. Part of the daily work of HR is keeping track of information that relates to people, which includes everything from allocation of talent to productivity statistics. The kind of information that's available to the HR department can become part of overall business strategy, helping managers to see where a business is thriving and running effectively, and where it needs some help.

HR can also help staff adjust to changes within the way a business operates by taking a lead role in communicating and implementing changes, and making sure the right training and support is put in place to help any changes settle in with the minimum of fuss.

Supporting a good quality work life

Businesses need to keep moving, learning, changing and growing. That means that employees are under more pressure than ever in some respects, needing to stay dynamic and keep on top of their game. It's an exciting time to be in business, with plenty of opportunities, but it can nevertheless be a little stressful. HR can help to mitigate that stress by making employee satisfaction a priority.

HR can also support a good quality of work life by taking an active role in talent allocation, training, and even simple things such as balancing annual leave requests. From welcoming new employees to keeping up with long term employees, HR can play its part in achieving a happy and cohesive team.

There's never been a better time to be in HR. From business strategy to employee retention, HR has a significant role in keeping businesses strong in the current economy and helping them change and adapt to stay economically viable. Specialist HR software such as that offered by can help HR departments increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

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