And yet another plot by the Remainer MPs, this time to try and give themselves as much time in Parliament as possible, so as to stop Brexit.


So, they're at it again are they?

This time the Remainers are looking at tinkering with yet another time honoured convention so as to frustrate the will of the people.

This one concerns the three-week political party conference season that takes place in the latter half of September and ends in early October.

Now, the parties hold their conferences on different dates during this period.

For example, the Lib Dems are holding theirs from Saturday the 14th to Tuesday the the 17th of September, Labour from Saturday the 21st of September to Wednesday the 25th of September and the Tories from Sunday the 29th of September to Wednesday the 2nd of October.

As you can imagine, it would be difficult to hold properly democratic parliamentary sessions over this period. As the government might try to swing a controversial bill or motion through while the opposition were cheerfully quaffing champagne in the conference hotel. Or maybe a sneaky opposition pulls a rabbit out of the Remainer hat while the government MPs are gorging on surf and turf with a nice bottle of Chateauneuf de Pape.

So it is normal and sensible for Parliament to break for the conference season.

Now, as with everything parliamentarian, it takes a motion to be moved and voted on in the house to allow Parliament to be shut down for those three weeks. And three unnamed MPs have told the Guardian newspaper that there were discussions taking place on amending that motion so as to give MPs another three weeks to work at stopping the UK leaving the EU, without a deal they say – but we all know what they really mean, don't we?

The aim would obviously be to pass a law that forces the government to request a further Article 50 extension unless they had a deal in place. A deal they would probably vote down anyway.

I suppose the Remainers are hoping they can wait for the Tories to be at their hard Brexit conference while they make votes and laws while the sun shines.

Now, what really grips me, is that those anti-British, anti-democratic, pro-EU federal superstate numpties had the chance last month to vote against a nice long summer holiday and then get their shoulders behind the government no-deal Brexit plan.

Now that really would have made the EU sit up, listen and get round the table to forge a good deal and quickly.

But no, all we get is more Project Fear and sending the message to Brussels that the UK isn't ever leaving their precious club.

The sooner that sanctimonious pro-EU bubble those Westminster elites sit in is burst, the better!


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