Well if the Liberal Democrats leap in the polls is anything to go by then it could be the biggest political tool in the history of British Politics.

Live television election debates could be a political tool greater than the good old fashioned scandal for throwing a political party up or down the opinion polls. A scandal only dents political reputations because a year is a long time in politics and people have very short memories.

Take a look at Peter Mandelson's return to the forefront of British politics after being shamed on more than one occasion, these days some political commentators say he is one of the most powerful men in Europe which makes him living proof of the existence of political amnesia.

But all of this pales into insignificance compared to the new game-show format of political debate creeping into our political arena through these live debates.

I was not sure if I was watching The Price Is Right or an election debate but what are the facts about the debate and the techniques employed by the three leaders and how effective are they in influencing the electorate to vote for them?

Well Cameron came across as lame and vulnerable, Clegg as confident and Brown as prostitute willing to jump into bed with either but really pursing his lips towards Clegg which was sometimes cringeworthy.

Brown is said to blame his style and smiling too much on the poor response he received in the polls after the televised  live debate.

His smiling and lip pursing didn't help but his rejection in the polls could be down to the continuous lies and economic disaster that stand as his political testimony.

Then there is David Cameron who has taken authority in the commons during many a Prime Minister's Questions yet seemed distant and reserved in his delivery but he may be holding back his big guns until the later live debates.

And finally the man of the hour Nick Clegg.

Nick may have wooed the nation with his delivery and this format of debate may suit him more than the other leaders providing that the other leaders weren't  firing all salvoes in the first round.

If Nick has fired his big guns in the first round whilst Brown and Cameron held back then Clegg and the Lib Dems have only one way to go in the opinion polls after the next two debates and that is down.

Nick has remained on the margins relative to the political attention nurtured over years of back and fore debating in the commons  but he has represented his party very well and is probably more cutting in style than Cameron in Prime Minister's Questions but he and his party are constantly dismissed.

Until now.

The one thing that may weigh against Clegg is Britain's healthy Xenophobia.

Polls have shown that most Brits want out of Europe and yet the Lib Dems want to dive straight into the super state of Europe and embrace our assimilation into Europe.

Cameron would be wise to exploit this fact as much as possible or would he?

The Conservative leader may be a little tied there by ending his party's commitment to a referendum on Europe leaving any such move against the Lib Dems as hypocritical.

A point Brown is best placed to exploit should Cameron open a Europe argument with Clegg.

When we tire of the leader's debates and providing Cameron and Brown make gains as individuals in the polls and policy returns to the election campaign then Nick Clegg may be shown to have just experienced premature political ejaculation.

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