Steel is of course an alloy of iron and is therefore technically not a metal. But most people do view it as such and are generally oblivious to it in their daily lives.

The following Infographic from shows how steel is used in everyday life.

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It could be argued though that steel forms a critical part of our lives today. Steel is used in just about every aspect of our lives such as in cars, bridges, skyscrapers, cutlery and even homes. Then of course there’s the stainless steel that we surround ourselves with.

Modern cars comprise some 60 percent steel and are more dent resistant and up to 30 percent stronger and 25 percent lighter than they were ten years ago. It is also 35 percent cheaper than aluminium.

A steel roof on your house could last over 50 years, which is a great improvement on the 17 years that a traditional roof lasts.

It took 83,000 tons of steel to construct the Golden Gate Bridge. If it was built today with modern technology it would only contain half that amount.

Steel is also recyclable on a continuing basis with no degradation in performance. it can be used time and again in different forms.

Steel is also sustainable and is the main material used in giving us renewable energy. The amount of energy needed to produce a tonne of steel has also been reduced by 50 percent over the last three decades.

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