Make your living room a great place to relax

In the winter months we often seem to spend more time at home – especially in our living rooms.

We all want this to be our sanctuary in our homes, where we can unwind and feel relaxed as we chill out with a good movie, favourite television programme or with family and friends.

Here are some great tips to make our living room our own and add a touch of individuality:

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Candles are a wonderfully versatile item that can be added to your living room to give a real personal touch. There are hundreds of styles, shapes, sizes and even scents that you can choose from. The main types are container candles, taper candles – which are long and slim – pillar candles or votive candles, which are short and small, and tea lights. Beeswax candles are easy to form but also have a beautiful aroma. To create your very own unique candles invest in candle-making kits and wow your visitors with a sense of style.

Living room (PD)

Photo finish

One of the most personal touches that can be applied to any room are photographs. You may wish to have one large canvas print of your family or you could buy a large frame and fill it with lots of your favourite memories – from unforgettable holidays to family events such as weddings or birthdays. There are so many different frame designs to choose from to suit your individuality – including wooden or ceramic, oval, square or even heart-shaped.

Cushions and curtains

Add some extra colour to your room with bright, vibrant colours or soft pastels in your cushions or curtains. An excellent way to do this could be to take elements of colour from your wallpaper or carpet or mix and match. Check out for some unique ideas.

Travel trinkets

If you are a keen traveller and lucky enough to have gathered artefacts from around the world then why not share them with your guests? Create a small display on a bookshelf or hang them from the walls. It’s a great way for you and your loved ones to remember those wonderful experiences as well as a brilliant conversation starter with new friends.


Whoever said that we have to have a three-piece suite in our living rooms? You don’t have to go with the norm. Try adding some unusual pieces like antiques or modern materials to bring a new dimension to your living space. Corner sofas are a great alternative while beanbags are fun for the kids. Perhaps an arty wooden bench with comfy cushions and pillows is to your liking – or a little vintage chic is your style. Check out Pinterest for some more inspiration.

Making a feature

Some of you may have a fireplace that is the heart of the room and you might choose to jazz up the mantelpiece with your own personal decorations. A large piece such as a picture, wall art or a mirror looks great over the mantelpiece and draws in the eye. Flowers, topiaries and candles also look fantastic, or you may wish to decorate it with your own trinkets and ornaments, but don’t go overboard – remember, less is always more.

If you are starting with an empty space or you are looking for interesting or unusual ways to add your own personal style then choose furniture, accessories or even colour to change the feel of your room.

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