For the past six weeks or so, it’s been hot out there. When it’s got a little too hot or if you’ve forgotten to water the plants, you might have taken a long look at your garden and seen an array of dying plants, a threadbare lawn and some forlorn-looking patio furniture. Fortunately, it’s not too late to rescue a dying garden – so what can be done?

Japanese Style GardenJapanese style garden / 日本庭園(にほんていえん) FLICKR Photo Credit

Snip away

If some plants are showing only marginal signs of decline such as the odd withering leaf, it can be tempting to give up altogether. However, by simply pruning those flowers that appear to be on the way out, you can prolong their lifespan without taking too much time. After that, you must continue watering to ensure your work wasn’t in vain.

North Tisbury Azalea (Rhododendron)North Tisbury Azalea (Rhododendron) 'Gabrielle Hill' FLICKR Photo Credit

Make a fresh start

Given that we’re in the middle of summer, this can be a little difficult, but there is a way around replacing those plants you’ve already lost. By planting mature seedlings of plants such as spring onions and herbs such as rosemary, your garden will start to look full of life once again. Make sure that you buy fresh though, as older plants can be hard to root into the soil.

Harlow Carr West Yorkshire GardensHarlow Carr West Yorkshire Gardens Royal Horticultural Society Photo Credit

Low-maintenance replacement plants

This can help to save time and effort as well. Peonies, Salvia and Coneflowers don’t need too much watering, while aloe vera is a good addition for anyone who wants a little more in the way of greenery in their garden.

Install an outdoor pod

Glidepod from from Photo Credit

In most gardens, the plants are the stars of the show, but they alone don’t make a garden. An outdoor pod might be useful, especially if you want somewhere to chill out in the garden without actually going outside. It could even double as your home office, giving you some much-needed peace.

Install artistic features

Stainless Steel Garden SculptureGarden sculpture in mirror polished stainless steel perfectly reflecting its surroundings

If you have the room, this might be just the thing to do. A sculpture might act as a focal point, or, to be a little different, you might like to install something quirkier like a giant pair of legs! The best part about this is that you’re free to use your imagination for this part.


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