Actor Hugh Jackman and New Zealand Prime Minister Jon Key have both starred in a video message from a cancer patient to his wife to say happy birthday and thank her for the support she has given him.

35 year old Kristian Anderson (who was diagnosed with cancer back in October 2009) moved the X-Men star so much by Kristian's love for his wife that he participated in the video and tells her that her husband loves her in a very simple, direct, honest and moving line "He loves you Rachel, he loves you".

John Key also says a very sincere happy birthday to Rachel.

Kristian posted the video on his blog, which is used to keep his friends and family up to date on his condition in order to prevent his wife from having to constantly tell other people his current status which could cause her distress.

Anderson was diagnosed as having tumours all over his liver which were secondary cancerous tumours to the primary tumour on his bowel. Initially he believed he had haemorrhoids and so avoided going to the doctors but later found out the truth behind his symptoms.

I warn you this video really is touching beyond words.

Absolutely beautiful.

Good luck Kristian and I hope you make many more birthday videos for your wife.

God Bless you!!

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