Ian Huntley one of Britain's most hated criminals has been involved in a violent confrontation within prison walls resulting in his throat being cut.

The old prison trick of inserting a razor blade into a toothbrush was the weapon of choice for the knife maniac Damien Fowkes. The former crack cocaine addict begun an argument with Huntley and was so enraged by the man he had vowed to end his life.

Fowkes drew the makeshift knife across Huntley's throat allegedly with the aim of killing him. He was however not successful in his efforts as the blade missed the jugular of convict and murderer by around an inch. After the incident Huntley was rushed to hospital where he stayed for a mere three hours. Prison sources have said that Huntley was left in a pool of his own blood screaming in pain.

Huntley is now serving the rest of his life sentence inside a secure unit which is estimated to cost the tax payer an additional £20,000 a year! Apparently Huntley and Fowkes had not seen eye to eye for a long time . Fowkes was sent to Frankland Prison and is also sentenced to life imprisonment, for holding a family of twelve at knife point.

Huntley will no doubt put every effort into claiming compensation for the injuries he received during the confrontation, which will see the taxpayer lose more money. Once again the families of his young victims will be faced with the awful memories they have tried to forget.

It is thought that Huntley could receive around £20,000 from his claim. Whilst a prison officer at the very same prison is only expected to be compensated up to £5,000 after being attacked with a broken bottle. The latter war hero Craig Wylde who I should think is appalled by this. His brother lee commented on the situation,

'If Huntley gets more compensation it will be a disgrace'

He quite rightly is infuriated by this as Craig Wylde nearly died from his injuries.

It seems no matter what we do to prevent crime it still goes on, even inside the walls of a prison. What's more is that our efforts to protect society from these law-breakers must be paid for. It seems these criminals always have the upper hand, their 3 square meals a day and roof over their head are all paid for by the law-abiding public.

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