Every time I look at the monstrosity that is the EU I wonder at how it can continue to flourish even though so many people know it is costing them dear.

Today the Express brings yet another raft of reasons why we should no longer involve ourselves in this rotten organisation.

Increases in budgets while the 'citizens' get nowt. Salaries at obscene levels and holiday entitlements that seem to make these EU posts into part time jobs.

In a bid to match the austerity  felt by the member states (it says) the new EU foreign ministry, the European External Action Service headed by our own Baroness Ashton, was formally launched very quietly behind closed doors. This organisation will end up trying to subdue national foreign policy to ensure the primacy of a single EU foreign policy. Then the question would be 'why do we need the states to have embassies in places like the USA? Let's save money and just have in EU one there instead'.

While the EU cannot fully balance its books it wants more and more having recently extracted a rise in budgets out of us while we tighten our own belts.

When are the people of Europe going to realise that there is a massive democratic deficit here. The MEPs are effectively impotent as they only get to vote on the legislation the non accountable European Commission initiate. And our MEPs understandably only make up about a tenth of the total number of 754 so even if they vote in the same way they will have little overall effect.

Every day makes me feel a little more power has slipped from my grasp as politicians give another bit of the UK away.

From whichever angle I look at this from I see an unstoppable train heading at breakneck speed towards federalisation and the subjugation of the nation state. There is no brake let alone an off switch. And the whole exercise is overseen by successive governments across the continent who refuse point blank to ask the difficult questions of the EU or to ask the people of the EU what they really think and want. Why is it only UKIP and BNP (this is not saying I support BNP's other policies) are making any sort of stand, the Con/Lib/Lab lot just seem happy to let it happen. Why?

Like many people I understand that my country is not the vision of perfection that the EU wants to impose on us, but I will put up with that as long as it remains my country.

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