During the Christmas Party Season what can assist smokers in quitting…

The negative factors associated with smoking are common knowledge – they contain over 7,000 chemical compounds including carbon monoxide, arsenic, formaldehyde, cyanide, benzene, toluene and acrolein. However surveys from ASH show about two-thirds of the 10 million adult smokers would like to stop smoking but only about 30%-40% make an attempt to quit in a given year.

The festive season is typically not seen as the time to quit smoking – yet experts are claiming today that a change in tact is necessary. ‘Quit smoking while smoking’ – this may sound like a contradiction, but it’s a technique being tested around Europe. Smooff is new to the UK and it is a complete smoking cessation programme without medicine, nicotine replacement or side effects. A pack of Smooff contains four smoking cessation filters to place on your cigarette, which gradually reduce your intake of smoke nicotine over 28 days.

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Ben Lindsay, an ex-smoker who kicked the habit earlier in November 2014 added:

"Not only do you have amazing food, mulled wine, Christmas markets, and work parties to contend with, all things that really make you want a cigarette, but there is the stress of the festive season. Running around shopping centres looking for last minute presents, and even intensely spending time with your extended family can make you feel stressed.

Ben Lindsay

Ben Lindsay

"I remember last Christmas being extremely hard to get through, so if you feel you are going to struggle turning down a cigarette when you are out and about with friends and family for Christmas drinks, there are new and innovative products like Smooff that allow you to continue smoking while quitting.

"Although a big step towards quitting is by breaking some of your regular habits around smoking, before you go through with a complete stop. This way, it will be easier to create some new patterns and habits. Here are my top 5 situations where you could begin to break some habits this festive season:

• Try switching alcohol with water and coffee with tea for a little while. Many smokers often associate cigarettes with alcohol and/or coffee. Keep going until you don’t associate these things with smoking, you can then slowly introduce wine, beer and coffee into your everyday life.

• What brand do you smoke? Marlboro, Camel, or Benson & Hedges? Try switching brand – maybe even to a brand that you don’t like!

• If you don’t feel you have the willpower to go ‘cold turkey’, then ease yourself into quitting over a month so it isn’t a massive shock to the system.

• Which cigarette is your best, in the morning? After lunch? After dinner? Cut out the hardest of your cigarettes and try to address your urge to smoke. You can use these experiences later.

• A last tip is to place your cigarettes on the top of a shelf/cupboard. This way, you will need a chair every time you feel like having your next cigarette."

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