David Cameron has openly said, during an ITV interview, that he is prepared to sack George Osborne if he had to.

Well if circumstances demanded it and he isn't prepared to sack his old friend for the sake of his party and the nation then there is something wrong.

We all know that former Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke, currently the shadow business secretary is still the most popular man for the job of Chancellor within the Conservative Party, but to make such a switch so close to the general election would send out the wrong signals to the electorate.

Such a move could give the impression that there is a lack of confidence in Osborne as Chancellor and has been for some time and that does not bode well for perceived party unity within the Tory ranks.

Many have speculated that Cameron is operating an old boy network within the Tory party, so to show unity with old comrades is one thing but to reward their loyalty over the needs of both party and country would be political suicide, but to ignore previous loyalty is equally as dangerous.

So Cameron must walk a fine line politically.

Ask any Roman emperor the importance of rewarding the hands that raised them, for to forget them is to place daggers in those very same hands.

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