Iain Duncan Smith has decided to end Disability Living Allowance in favour of the new Personal Independence Payment to cut 500,000 disabled claimants.

The cuts are aimed at reducing the heavy annual Disability Living Allowance tax bill by more than £2.24 billion a year in these times of austerity where every penny spent has to be justified.

Also the rate of increase in those claiming Disability Living Allowance has risen by 30% over the past couple of years so the tax burden cannot be allowed to extend any further can it?

Yes it can and why have we developed a national fixation with benefits cheats defrauding the system for what is comparatively small fry when compared to potential tax revenue that is deliberately being overlooked by governments in order to attract the super rich and investment banks and foreign businesses to British shores.

Goldman Sachs paid a fraction (£4.1 million) of it's £422.3 million UK tax bill and had £10 million written off last year's tax bill.

Add this to the top 1,000 richest persons in the UK whose combined wealth increased by £155 billion in the past three years and you have an idea of the numbers we are talking about here.

Then there are the tens of billions of pounds being pledged to prop up European banks and let us not forget the tens of billions we send in foreign aid every year to countries which are wealthier than our own.

So what if a fraction of those who are claiming Disability Living Allowance are fraudulent? It is to be expected and priced in by any decent society in order to ensure that the vulnerable are ring-fenced.

Many people are possibly making fraudulent claims because of the economic situation and thanks to a benefits system that is lacking in support in other areas.

The 'get of your backside and work you lazy sponger' is not applicable for many people who cannot find work, and cannot set up their own business or support their families.

If the options to provide for your family are, face extreme poverty or risk the weight of the law by making a fraudulent claim, then any decent man or woman would risk all in order to provide for their family…..especially when they are witnessing the political and financial elite get away with fraud on a daily basis.

David Cameron promised to end corruption yet he and his government are up to their necks in it, just look at Cameron's own links with News International.

And how exactly is the unemployed, aspiring entrepreneur supposed to get their small local business off the ground when banks are not lending?

And how can a small business compete with supermarkets who are extracting the wealth from towns and cities across the country with their diminished tax offering compared to the tax take from numerous successful small businesses?

Targeting those on disability benefits is not going to solve our economic crisis. Then when one considers the already traumatic tests that many disabled and sick people have to go through in order to claim what is rightfully theirs you realise that is bad enough. But then to question what constitutes a person's ability to work by imposing goal driven censuses (where turning down benefits gets you a bonus) we are delving into serious moral hazard.

A mere fractional taxation increase  of just 1,000 of the country's wealthiest citizens will pay for the proposed disability cuts.

How much money do the richest people really need to amass? And how much does their combined wealth remaining in their possession benefit the country at large?

'Ah, but the rich might leave the UK and tax their wealth with them' is the oldest argument against taxing the rich but I would say tax them at 50% if they try to take their wealth abroad.

Protectionism has become a dirty world in the 21st century globalist economic infrastructure yet I say it is essential if we in the UK are all in this together.

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith

If you made tens of millions/billions in the good times in Britain then expect to join in the pain and leave the vulnerable alone in this immoral proposed change to disability benefits.

Oh, by the way, many of the top 1,000 richest Brits are billionaire equity speculators, investment bankers and hedge-fund managers whose appetite for risk brought us to where we are now.

Iain Duncan Smith is clearly not a man who should be involved in the management of public funds and the Conservatives are clearly not a party who should have office…….but that goes for all of the three main political parties who are ideologically the same.

Let us not forget Tony Blair tried to cut disability benefits and got a bloody nose in return and where is the real LibDem opposition to this proposal by Duncan Smith?

One can only hope that this summer will see the British people stand up to the social injustice being waved in their faces every day by persons such as Iain Duncan Smith.

Image by Work and Pensions Office.Musical Mind20 at en.wikipedia [see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons

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