The family of Ian Tomlinson who died after he was pushed to the ground by a police officer, has seen the man who may have been responsible for his death evade prosecution.

Ian Tomlinson died as a result of either a heart attack or internal bleeding resulting from trauma caused by a blunt force probably after being needlessly pushed to the ground (by a police office after the officer hit him with his stick) during the G20 protests which he was not involved in and was simply walking home from a day's work selling  newspapers.

The apparent inconsistency in the post mortem results,which failed to identify the actual cause of death is the reason that the officer in question will not face prosecution.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service the problem in identifying the cause of Ian's death stems from the 'fact' that there is no evidence that the fall suffered caused his death even though the conduct of the officer who pushed Mr Tomlinson was deemed unlawful.

So what can be read from this decision?

Only one thing I am afraid.

The CPS have made a decision which does not relate to the real world.

If Ian Tomlinson had hit an officer with a stick and pushed him to the ground after which a Policeman had died then he would be in jail right now.

There has clearly been a miscarriage of justice here and it is the grieving family who is left to cope with the pain of losing a loved one with no justice system in place to prosecute an officer who acted unlawfully.

Whether or not he died as a result of his injuries is not the primary question. The real question is how this officer got away with this assault? And an assault it almost certainly is.

The secondary question must be how an officer whose assault upon a peaceful member of the public with a medical condition and probably caused his death can evade prosecution regardless of the specific nature of the injuries?

At a time when the reputation of the police is low such a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service exacerbates the tension between the police and public who are running out of faith in the police.

I have asked many police officers to find out what they think about the handling of this case and they are unanimous in their responses, the assaulting officer's actions  may very well have lead to Mr Tomlinson's death and therefore said officer should face prosecution.

They are also concerned that genuine police officers who joined the police force to protect the public from criminals should not be tarred with the same brush as this cowardly individual and his equally cowardly workmates who did nothing to help or assist Ian Tomlinson after the assault.

Some of the police I questioned vented anger towards the officers who stood by and did nothing to help Ian with no action taken by them to reprimand the assaulting officer in a clear breach of the law by one of their colleagues.

Lets make this simple for the CPS.

Man walks down road and even though he has a medical condition he is not under in any imminent threat of death.

Man gets hit and thrown to the ground by a police officer.

Man dies soon after.

Now in what world does that not look suspiciously like the man in question died as a result if injuries sustained from the fall?  Heart attack or internal bleeding it doesn't matter, he died after being assaulted. Whatever happened to the 'eggshell skull' principle of taking your victim as you find them? Criminal law procedure appears to have failed here, Let us hope that there is at least a civil law route to redress for the family.

A sad day for justice in not so 'Great Britain'.

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