We're all guilty of selecting the 'remind me later' option when a software update pops up, but did you know using a browser or operating system that's out of date can leave your device vulnerable to a range of online threats?

Malware attacks are often targeted toward software that is weakened by older operating systems, making it easier for personal information to be stolen and sold on. Imprima have published an infographic that details the importance of keeping up to date, providing easy-to-follow advice for staying safe online.

Surprising statics reveal just how many people are at risk. Discussing popular browser choices and attitudes of the users, the research considers both our private and work-based computer systems that are all susceptible to vicious malware.

Not knowing how to update a personal system and laziness account for over 40 per cent of outdated home-based systems. Work-based issues like needing an administrator to install or a restrictive IT policy contribute to nearly 80 per cent of outdated systems going unprotected.

There are simple steps that can be taken to ensure your personal data is safe. Regularly backing up your data on an external hard drive or cloud system and switching on the firewall helps to keep your system safe, and of course regularly updating your system is the first step we should all take.

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Imprima - Remind me later

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