Another year, another epic from Greek mythology and history is given the Hollywood makeover with the trailer for Tarsem Singh’s Immortals finally arriving on-line along with a poster campaign that reminds us none to subtly that the film arrives courtesy of the makers of 300.

Given that 300 was a film which blatantly abused known history and acquired a following almost totally limited to males of an adolescent nature, it was with some anticipation that I approached the trailer for this feature.

The story follows King Hyperion and his quest to acquire the lost bow of Epirus and topple the gods. As Hyperion rampages across Greece in search of this artefact the Gods (who have sworn not to interfere in the politics of men) place their faith in a mortal named Theseus to block Hyperion’s bloody ambitions.

Although to the casual viewer this may seem like a retread of last year’s camp and rather underwhelming Clash of the Titans, the trailer does have a bit of bite and artistic flair about it with some interesting and radical costume design for the gods and a colour tone of bronze and brown giving an ancient feel to proceedings.

But the animated scenery (why not use the real beauty of the Mediterranean and Black Sea?) is a trick we have seen before and immediately brings back memories of 300 and it’s absurd over the top comic book mentality.

Production design apart, a cast consisting of heavyweights Mickey Rourke and Stephen Dorff along with Freida Pinto and future Superman Henry Cavill bode well for the film. But let’s hope that this time Hollywood pays a little more respect to the myths and their heroes by providing a story worthy of the gods.

Immortals is released in November 2011.

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