As the referendum on independence for Scotland draws ever nearer we will not only see the debate grow hotter but also people willing to put their money where their beliefs are.

The bookmaker William Hill has reported today that it has accepted its second bet for a ‘YES’ vote of over £5,000. The latest bet of £5,500 had the effect of shortening the odds for a ‘YES’ vote from 9/2 down to 7/2.

But despite this the hot favourite is still a ‘NO’ vote with odds of 1/5.

According to William Hill “A customer in his sixties, thought to be connected with the ‘YES’ campaign, placed the £5,500 wager in a Hill’s betting shop in Selkirkshire in the Scottish Borders area and will collect £32,500 if his hunch proves to be correct”.

The previous largest bet William Hill had seen for a ‘YES’ outcome to the referendum was £5,000.

Scotland by Kbolino

Scotland by Kbolino

However, in June this year, a bet of £200,000 was placed with the bookmaker for a ‘NO’ vote said William Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Scottish Independence Referendum:

YES’ – 7/2

NO” – 1/5

Will Scotland become an Independent country on this date (March 24, 2016) as indicated by the Scottish Government?:

YES’ – 11/2

NO’- 1/10

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