An innovative, disruptive new financing marketplace has launched to help UK SMEs access a flexible source of working capital. Based in London, is the UK’s first online marketplace allowing businesses to selectively sell the outstanding invoices of large corporate customers to raise working capital. Businesses register, and then can auction invoices due to be paid in 30, 60, 90 days, receiving cash in advance from global investors who compete to provide competitive funding, guaranteeing SMEs the lowest cost of finance.

Given the current economic climate, many SMEs have struggled to balance cash flow as large end-customers delay settling outstanding invoices, and traditional financing providers scale back lending. Most UK SME owners believe cash flow problems will hamper their growth prospects coming out of the recession.

Whilst there are existing alternatives such as factoring, these are often viewed by business owners as the “last-resort” given their ongoing monthly costs, onerous security structure, and lack of confidentiality. In contrast, on Marketinvoice, pricing is transparent, flexible and transactional. There is no contractual lock-in, nor obligation for businesses to auction all their invoices or disclose use to end-customers. Importantly, personal guarantees are not required. Marketinvoice can also be used to find a buyer of those invoices typically not accepted by traditional sources (for example invoicing to foreign customers).

For buyers, Marketinvoice represents the UK’s first ever centralised and standardised online portal allowing them to screen and fund SMEs directly. Typical buyers are high net worth individuals and asset managers based all over the world.

Having launched in September 2010, Marketinvoice is now currently fully operational with many businesses already using the marketplace to raise working capital. Marketinvoice is reporting strong demand from SMEs across a wide range of industries including recruitment, consulting, software, video production, wholesale, marketing, research, and advertising.

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