Why do you think the Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity as the rising star amidst the score of social media networks?

Well, the answer is simple and clear. It is because the audience likes and loves it. Had the audience not liked it; it would have been lost amidst the unfathomable obscurity. However, the case is not so. Since its inception in the year 2010, Instagram has gained persistent popularity as the leading photo sharing platform. With its highly innovative, lavish, and user-friendly features, it has won the heart and trust of every Instagram user. Moreover, the number of Instagram users appears to be rapidly increasing with every sliding second.

A unique social media network

Several social media networks came as the precursors before Instagram surfaced to the floor. The social media platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, and many more such networks had already made their way far before the emergence of Instagram. However, unlike many other social media networks, Instagram got rapid popularity. And, one of the reasons for its popularity is its uniqueness. It is unique in several respects. It is such a mobile application that integrates the processes of clicking, editing, and sharing of the photographs. Eliminating the need of carrying the traditional cameras, it has rendered great convenience in clicking the photographs. Again, the 'Filters' of Instagram provide multiple alternatives for editing. Moreover, it can be shared with and made available for the followers for Instagram instantly just the press of a button.

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Sync with other social media platforms

One of the salient features of Instagram is that it can be easily synced with the other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr etc. As an Instagram user, not only can you conveniently share the photographs with the Instagram followers, but at the same time, you can share it instantly with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Likewise, you have all the freedom, facility, and flexibility to share the photographs from Instagram account to any other social media networks. This further contributes towards escalating the number of your Instagram followers.

Simple and quick steps for syncing Instagram with other Social media networks

Not to worry even if you are new to Instagram. You can sync it with other social media networks in a few easy, simple, and quick steps. Once you sign in to your Instagram account, you can easily find the syncing and sharing options under the gear icon indicating 'Settings'. You can easily find the 'Linked Accounts' tab once you scroll down the profile option. Here, you can find the options for syncing and sharing. If you have already synced, you can simply select the social media icon and the photograph will be shared just at the press of a button.

Getting more followers

Success in the social media networking is very much dependent upon the number of followers, and the versatility of Instagram helps you gather more and more followers. Syncing it with other social media accounts provides you an opportunity to reach out to the larger masses of audience. Also, the hashtag feature of it plays a vital role in enabling you to get more audience.

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