In the latest figures analysed by InterExec, unadvertised senior executive vacancies in the £200K plus category have increased by over 30% year on year to July 2014, in several business sectors, especially Financial Services and TMT where the market has seen a staggering 83% and 66% increase respectively on the previous year.

Whilst the market for Senior Executives below that level has fallen back by a couple of percentage points the overall picture clearly reflects a degree of confidence and optimism in continued growth and a buoyant market.Within Financial Services the Regulation, Compliance and Risk sectors continue to perform exceptionally well with a growing demand for the most senior people. The political and economic news outside of the UK does not seem to have unduly affected the unadvertised senior executive market here.Looking back over the last quarter salary brackets have also been steadily increasing and salaries up to £500K are up 10% on the year, whilst over that level the increase is 25%.

Kit Scott-Brown Managing Director InterExec is convinced that, “Senior Executive candidates who are currently considering their next career move have rarely had such a positive market to search in. Unearthing the exceptional unadvertised roles is crucial for candidates to identify those outstanding opportunities, which are available and will truly maximise their potential. The 4th quarter of 2014 seems to be the ideal time to step back on the ladder and start climbing!"

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