You never want to think about it happening to you, but a sad reality is that many spouses cheat on their significant others. According to some research, about 15 to 18 percent of married people have cheated on their spouse at some point while they were married. About 3 to 4 percent of the married population is currently engaged in an extra-marital affair. Here’s how to find out if your spouse is one of them.

Look For Suspicious Apps

Apps, like Tiger Text, allow users to send covert text messages that self-destruct after a preset amount of time. Once the text is sent, it can’t be recovered using typical recovery options. That’s because the text is sent and stored on the Tiger Text company’s servers.

If your spouse has this on his or her phone, there’s something going on that he or she doesn’t want you to know about. The only purpose of the app is to disguise text messages.

Hire A PI

A private investigator might be able to help you with your case, if it’s important enough for you to pay someone to uncover the truth. A private investigator is almost always a former law enforcement officer, an FBI agent, or some other type of investigator.

They have years of experience, and may have already handled several thousand cases prior to yours. At the same time, you should still check them out to make sure there are no complaints listed against them and that they do hold a valid license in your state.

A PI can almost always conduct surveillance and use special forensics tools to help discover what your spouse is doing when you’re not around. But, many PIs still use old-school technology like video recorders and high-end recording equipment.

These will capture sight and sound – pretty much all the evidence you need if something shady is going down behind your back. But, if you need more advanced surveillance, like wiretapping, you may be out of luck unless you can secure a warrant. To do that, you must be able to prove some kind of criminal intent.

Of course, in 38 states, you only need one party’s consent to record a phone line. So, as long as the PI is making the call, or as long as you can set up a legal sting operation, you may still get the evidence you need.

Hire a Data Recovery Service

Technology (PD)This digital forensics company has done thousands of investigations since the 1970s. They’re able to pull emails, instant message chats, documents, websites and search history, and much more from a phone or computer – even after something has been deleted.

If your spouse is cheating on you, a company like Prudential Associates can find out.

Advanced forensic tools consist of both hardware and software tools, like special USB drives and software that can “snoop” on the target computer or phone. Sometimes, they don’t even need access to your spouse’s device. They can go straight to the ISP or the phone company.

If you have a joint phone account (i.e. a “family plan”) you may be able to grant them access to all of the account’s phone records legally. Of course, what you do with the information you discover is up to you.

By Jared Stern

Jared is the president and CEO of Prudential Associates, a force-protection and risk management company. He shares his extensive knowledge on threat assessment and critical incident management via national radio and television stations. His articles appear on many Internet science and crime websites.

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