With 5 April fast approaching, the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has collated ISA application information from member companies and their managers.

Investors looking to leave things until the last minute should bear in mind that deadline dates for some providers fall on 4 April, so it’s worth doing your homework to avoid disappointment.

For ISA deadlines, special offers, and further information on ISAs, investors can visit the AIC’s website, www.theaic.co.uk.

Annabel Brodie-Smith, Communications Director, AIC said: “With deadlines approaching quickly, it’s important to be aware that online and postal ISA applications may be treated differently. A postal application will often be required by the end of the working day on 4th April, whereas applying online will allow an extra day.

Investment companies are well worth considering for this year’s ISA. With strong long-term performance, independent boards of directors to represent shareholder interests and the benefits of the closed-ended structure they can be a useful way to tap into the long-term potential of the stock market. Many investment companies have solid dividend track records and they cover a variety of sectors and risk profiles.

Investment company management group ISA deadlines

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