Pension type investors should perhaps look at this seriously.

Down 97% from mid 2008 to May last year. It is the fund which aims to track the US price of Natural Gas.

NG has plummeted too around 75% because the extraordinary lower costs of getting it out of the ground via Fracking.

97 percent down to May 2012-this is not a dotcom craze

97 percent down to May 2012-this is not a dotcom craze

The process has a bad press. It’s quite ridiculous. But whatever your view gas is coming. If it’s this cheap then the people and businesses will clamour for it. You may have noticed home and business heating has gone through the roof.

Also, from an investment point of view, how much more can it go down? What have you to lose? What can you gain over 5, 10, 20 + years.

I would say, think property late 1970s to today…

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But first JP¥ has to fall through lower support of triangle.

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