Daily Brexit Update: Friday 20th July 2018

The prime Minister, Theresa May, will tell the EU that it is time to change its inflexible position on the Irish Border.

She is due to make a speech in Belfast today saying:

"The economic and constitutional dislocation of a formal ‘third country’ customs border within our own country is something I will never accept, and I believe no British prime minister could ever accept."

This comes as the EU tells the Republic of Ireland that no physical checks will be required at the North South border in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Ireland map (PD)

Claims by the Irish taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, that planes will be forced to avoid Republic airspace have beenc alled mad as it is pointed out that UK airspace surrounds the irish Shannon Flight Information Region and that it would require Ireland to pull out of the International Air Services Transit Agreement – signed from 1944 onwards, by 133 countries.

And the UKIP leader Gerard Batten points out where their gas comes from:

While the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, keeps up the pressure on the PM:

And is the current UK party political system really under threat? (video.)

The new Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab has gone to Brussels to call for "renewed energy, vigour and vim" in the talks. Does that mean he will be more vigorous as the intern gopher in getting the coffees and doughnuts in for hos office bosses, Robbins and Barnier? (Video.)

And writing in Brexit central, UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn asks Conservative Party supporters to switch their support short term to UKIP in order to foce the Tory leadership to change tack and ditch the Chequers based negotiating position.

But we all know in our hearts that, at the end of the day, Tories vote Tory in general elections for fear of a Labour government.

And saying in his piece "If the policy and leadership switch was bold enough then I anticipate you would actually take many longtime ‘Kippers with you too," may not go down too well with true Ukippers who understand the point above and may not take too well to their party being offered up for use and abuse.

And as ever Tony Blair keeps popping up to put in his two penn'orth. (Video.)


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